Episode 64 – Meet and Greet in OKC

Small Talk

Segment 1: –  Amazon.com

  • Setting the stage
  • Newbie Couples
  • Cliques
    • We talked to a new couple about cliques.
  • Recognition.
    • Butts and Boobs

Segment 2: – MeUndies

  • We hit a Swirl Bar called Sherlocks in OKC
  • Damn good band –The Brown Note

Segment 3: – SDC Swingers Date Club

  • Our first soft swap experience

Final comments

Performance Anxiety in the Lifestyle

ths_squareWhile I was editing “Episode 63 – Group Sex” of The Hidden Swing Podcast I realized an ongoing theme in the episode. That of performance issues and erectile dysfunction. I often feel like I am the token male of those that have performance anxiety and sometimes that does bother me. It shouldn’t, according to the majority of females I have talked to in the lifestyle I am in the majority. Most men do have, at times, issues with performance. I guess I have taken up the torch to defend men, the majority of men, who do at times have issues getting erect. It is nothing to be ashamed of for sure, but that is no consolation when it is happening.

The bulk of ED comes in a a few flavors. Statistically a few men have ED because of health issues, a few more have issues (in the lifestyle in particular) because of over intoxication, but the bulk of performance issues is due to anxiety. I rarely have issue these days. When I do it is often because I allowed myself to be in situations I am not comfortable with. I love a challenge, and while that sometimes sucks for the lady I am with.. I like to push myself.

Here are three ways I have taken control of performance anxiety: Continue reading ‘Performance Anxiety in the Lifestyle’ »

Episode 63 – Group Sex


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Small Talk

Segment 1:

  • How does Group differ from Orgy, Gang Bang?
  • Construction, numbers, activities, is one easier to set up than another.

Segment 2:

  • How does consent work?
  • If you join is consent implied?
  • How do you stop or prevent play or a violation of your limit without causing drama or negatively affecting others and the entire mood?

Segment 3:

  • Whats your best group story?
    • Jim
    • Danielle

Final comments

  • Annual OKC Pool Party
  • Naughty in Nawlins
    • Michael and Holli from Swing
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Hosting Your First House Party

ths_squareJennifer and I hosted our first house party recently.  For the most part it went over as a great success but it did have me reflecting on what we did right and what we did wrong.

The plan was to have a UFC #200 watch party.  We invited some of our closest friends, some people that we knew but wanted to get to know more, and a few people that we did not know at all.  The day would start with a little swimming in the pool and some corn hole.  We’d then have dinner, with everyone bringing a side.  Followed by UFC for those of us that follow it or porn playing in either of the two bedrooms.

Thirteen people showed on the day of the party.  We knew all but two of them, and there was one couple we knew but wanted to know better.  Everyone brought deliciously yummy food and there wa as lot of laughter, drinking, and corn hole. Continue reading ‘Hosting Your First House Party’ »

Episode 62 – Old Friends and New

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Podcasts Mentioned

Episode 61 – The Morning After

ths_squareEpisode 61 – Its just a fact of podcasting that now and then you start off on one topic and end up on another.  What started out as a “The Morning After” discussion of those embarrassing discussion that are had after good and bad swinging experiences, turned into a decent lesson about communication in the lifestyle.  Here it is, with me and Danielle.. For better or worse.. Discussing.. A lot of things?


Small Talk

Final comments



Episode 60 – Ask Us Anything

ths_squareEpisode 60 – Its our regular Ask us Anything episode.  Every 10 episodes or so we like to gather questions from you, our listeners and friends, and literally will answer any question you throw at us no matter how easy or difficult the question is.  In this episode Danielle, Jennifer and myself sit down to discuss how medical issues relate to the lifestyle, the Lifestyle double standard, and a speed round of rucus questions that ends in debauchery.

Small Talk


First topic – Lifestyle and body/medical issues

Question:   I heard your episode on body image awhile back and my question is about just that. Are there breast cancer survivors in the life style. My wife is an eight year survivor of BC and had a mastectomy of her one breast. She had reconstruction and she looks great, but you can see the scar and she is very self conscious. She has expressed interest in LS but can’t get past the scar.

Keep up the great work and great find with Danielle. It’s nice hearing the show more often again.


Second Topic – The Good Ol Double Standard

Question:   If a man walked up to a female and began groping her and or being blatantly pushy and aggressive, it would be addressed almost immediately and 9 times out of 10 wouldn’t happen again.

However, if a female grabs a man’s dick without EVER even meeting him or his wife, or grabs a man out of nowhere and begins groping or whatever the case, it’s not that big of deal. Then if that guy says no politely and the female continues, the guys an asshole or he’s immediately dismissed by said female and potentially others that she may talk to for being rude and blunt for saying get the fuck off me. Where as had the roles been reversed the man would have been escorted the fuck out the club.

In a nutshell, (and I could be very very wrong) but I feel like respect in the lifestyle is far more one sided. And as a male (single or married) if your “too respectful” then your either stuck up or not interested.

Swingers Date Club

Third Topic – Speed rounds!

Question:  What is different about the LS that you did not expect?

Question:  What has been your most embarrassing moment?

Question:  What is the best piece advice you could give to someone of the opposite sex before they get into the LS?

Question:  When do you know its time to take a break from the lifestyle?

A Life Less Monogomous

Final comments

Episode 59 – Drunkin Dallas

ths_squareEpisode 59 – We talk about  a road trip to Dallas where we hooked up with the Average Swingers for a weekend of drinking and partying.

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Final comments

  • Growing your friend base
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Episode 58 – The Unslut Project

ths_squareIn episode 58, Danielle and I interview author and activist Emily Lindin of The Unslut Project.

Although not exactly swinger related, we felt this special episode was important to help bring about awareness of the bullying and slut shaming that occurs in particular with our youth.  We hope you enjoy and find Emily’s contact information below.

Episode 57 – The Blue Fish

Episode 57  –  Everyone with time in the lifestyle has heard of the unicorn.  A single female woman that participate in the swinging lifestyle, often considered a mythical creature.  However, in our area of the world we us the term “Blue Fish” to describe the single male that serves the same purpose.  In this episode, Danielle and I speak with a former single male who many would say was a good representation of the single male.. The blue fish.


Small Talk





SDC – Swingers Date Club


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